Personal Pensions

It’s quite common to have accumulated a selection of different pensions while working, some of which you may have no idea where they are invested or perhaps more importantly, the degree of risk you are exposed to.

It would be sensible to consider the following points as quite often these funds can represent a substantial proportion of your overall assets, and after all they will also influence your lifestyle when you eventually stop working.

  • What pensions do I you have?
  • Where are they invested?
  • How are those funds performing?
  • What level of risk are they exposed to?
  • Could the returns be improved upon?
  • Are they stagnating in old plans with high charges?
  • Are there any benefits or disadvantages in collating them together?

The Pensions Advisory Service provides invaluable free information about pensions and if you have any questions, there isn’t much they don’t know. Their website can be reached here.

If you have Personal Pensions and are interested in them being professionally managed, then get in contact, so we can discuss your circumstances.

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