Free investment review

The difference between the best and worst performing funds could cost you thousands every year in lost growth from poor performance. This could easily impact upon the level of income you receive in later life as well as your spending ability.


It is commonly accepted within the industry that fund performance varies dramatically from year to year and reviewing your portfolio should be undertaken on an ongoing basis as a priority.


If you are a prospective new client and would like to know how your investments are performing, then we will happily undertake a free review for you. This will identify key areas associated with your investments, such as any funds that are underperforming, the geographical asset allocation and most importantly the degree of risk you are exposed to.


Risk analysis is a critical part of identifying how your portfolio might react to market volatility. Ideally you shouldn’t be taking undue risk to achieve the required returns.


We will provide our professional opinion to you without obligation.


This free service is available for Collective Investment Portfolios of £250,000 or more. This may be a collection of OEIC’s, Unit Trusts, Life Funds, Pension funds or ISA’s.



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